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Parents/guardians play a vital role in their children's education. Increased parental involvement equals higher student achievement, attendance, improved behaviour, improved school climate and a better relationship between home and school.  Children receive the best education when parents and teachers work as a team. It's a parent’s/guardian’s enthusiasm, support and involvement that inspires children to do their best.  Parents/guardians, working together with the dedicated staff at St. Albert can achieve wonderful things for the students. 


PARENT COUNCIL ...Called "CSPC" Catholic School Parent Council

Catholic School Parent Council members for 2018-2019
Chair: Maria Carbonaro
Treasurer: Kristina Goetting
Secretary: Antonella Cimone
Member: Cristina Santos-Walkes
Member: Roslyn D'Souza
Member: Sandra Brissett
Member: Chantelle Hynes
Member: Roslyn D'Souza
Member: Janice Mah
Member:  Lisa Carmichael
CSPC Chair Login Button
Do you want to know more about the "parent council" (known as CSPC - Catholic School Parent Council)? .... Go to the TCDSB website to answer all your questions and get the information you want ... Click the link below:
​​OR Click HERE (or the picture to the right) and it will take you to our Parents Resources and Information Links Page and provide you with everything you may need and then some!
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Treasurer's Report: