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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Parent Curriculum Guides

These are St. Albert specific Parent Guides that are condensed and simplified versions of the Curriculum Expectations (for every grade and every subject) for parents to readily see what is taught in a particular grade and what the general expectations are for a particular grade. You can read them online, or you can download and/or print each booklet for your convenience:


Parent Curriculum Guide ELP vSA.pdf


Parent Curriculum Guide G1 vSA.pdf


Parent Curriculum Guide G2 vSA.pdf


Parent Curriculum Guide G3 vSA.pdf


Parent Curriculum Guide G4 vSA.pdf


Parent Curriculum Guide G5 vSA.pdf


Parent Curriculum Guide G6 vSA.pdf


Parent Curriculum Guide G7 vSA.pdf


Parent Curriculum Guide G8 vSA.pdf



Click the link below for the grade you want for a summary of Overall/Specific Ministry Expectations (very specific) for each grade:


Grade 1       Grade 2       Grade 3          Grade 4     


Grade 5       Grade 6       Grade 7            Grade 8




Here are some in-depth documents on the Family Life and the Religious Education Programs:
Family Life Program:


How does the Family Life Program tie into the Health & Physical Education Program?
Religious Education Program:
The following is the Math Curriculum Expectations for Grades K - 8 in the form of a Math Continuum - That is, it is sequential so one can see what is taught in each grade and what is expected in Math at each grade:
Technology and Mathematics:
The following guide lets parents and students explore hundreds of websites and in the process of having fun, there is learning happening ... Shhh, it's a secret!