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The Monthly Newsletters 2018 - 2019


June 2019

June2019newletter.pdfJune2019 Newsletter and Calendar.pdf

May 2019

May2019Newsletter.pdfMay 2019 Newsletter and Calendar.pdf


April 2019


April2019newsletterFINAL.pdfApril 2019 Gazette Monthly Newsletter and Calendar.pdf


March 2019


March2019newsletterDRAFT.pdfMarch 2019 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


March2019calendarDRAFT.pdfMarch 2019 Monthly Calendar.pdf


 February 2019


Feb2019newsletterDRAFT.pdfFeb2019 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


Feb2019calendarDRAFT.pdfFeb2019 Monthly Calendar.pdf


January 2019

JAN2019newsletterDRAFT.pdfJAN2019 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


JAN2019calendarDRAFT.pdfJAN2019 Monthly Calendar.pdf


December 2018


DEC2018newsletterDRAFT.pdfDEC2018 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


DEC2018calendarDRAFT.pdfDEC2018 Monthly Calendar.pdf


November 2018


NOV2018newsletterDRAFT.pdfNov2018 Monthly Gazette Newsletter.pdf


NOV2018calendar.pdfNov 2018 Month-at-a-Glance Calendar.pdf


EarlyONanimalsNov.pdfEarlyON Animals Day.pdf


October 2018


Oct2018newsletterDRAFT.pdfOct 2018 Monthly Gazette Newsletter.pdf


Trustee Virtue of the Month Recipients.pdfTrustee Virtue of the Month Recipients.pdf


Oct2018calendarDRAFT.pdfOct 2018 Month-at-a-Glance Calendar.pdf

September 2018


2018 septwelcome letter Parents.pdf2018 septwelcome letter Parents.pdf


2018 septwelcome calendar.pdf2018 septwelcome calendar.pdf





The Monthly Newsletters 2017 - 2018


June 2018


June2018newsletterDRAFT.pdfJune 2018 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


June2018calendarDRAFT.pdfJune 2018 Gazette Monthly Calendar.pdf


DelGrande June 2018 Final Print.pdfTrustee DelGrande June 2018 Year End Report.pdf


updateinJuneEARLYON.pdfNewsletter Update June EARLYON Program.pdf


2018 Girl Guides Recruitment Flyer.pdf2018 Girl Guides Recruitment Flyer.pdf


summer2018-_sno-toronto_newsletter.pdfSummer 2018 - School Nutrition Newsletter.pdf


TSTG Spring 2018 Newsletter.pdfSchool Bus Transportation Newsletter.pdf


May 2018


May2018 Monthly Gazette Newsletter.pdfMay 2018 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


St Albert Gazette Monthly Calendar May2018.pdfMay 2018 Gazette Monthly Calendar.pdf


St Albert  Before  After school program flyer May 6 2018.pdfSt. Albert Before & After School Program Flyer.pdf (New Program)


Newsupdate-May_on start.pdfEarlyON Child & Family Centre News Update May 2018.pdf


April 2018


April2018newsletterFINAL.pdfApril 2018 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


April2018calendar.pdfApril 2018 Gazette Monthly Calendar.pdf


5th Block School Newsletter March 2018 FINAL_.pdf5th Block School Newsletter 2018.pdf



 March 2018



March2018calendar.pdfMarch 2018 Gazette Monthly Calendar.pdf


February 2018


February 2018 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdfFebruary 2018 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


February 2018 Gazette Monthly Calendar.pdfFebruary 2018 Gazette Monthly Calendar.pdf

news update.pdfEarlyON Child & Family Centre News Update.pdf (Formerly PFLC)


January 2018


JAN2018newsletterDRAFT.pdfJanuary 2018 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


Save the date Psychology Month Symposium 2018 flyer.pdfSave the date Psychology Month Symposium 2018 flyer.pdf 


December 2017


DEC2017newsletterDRAFT.pdfDecember 2017 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


DEC2017calendar.pdfDecember 2017 Gazette Monthly Calendar.pdf 


DelGrande October 2017 Final Web.pdfTrustee Del Grande Newsletter 2017.pdf



November 2017


NOV2017newsletterDRAFT.pdfNovember 2017 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


NOV2017calendarDRAFT.pdfNovember 2017 Monthly Calendar.pdf



October 2017


Oct2017newsletterFINAL.pdfOctober 2017 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf

Oct2017calendarDRAFT.pdfOctober 2017 Monthly Calendar.pdf 



September 2017


septwelcome letter 2017 Parents.pdfSeptember 2017 Welcome Letter to Parents.pdf


septwelcome letter 2017 for Students.pdfSeptember 2017 Welcome Letter to Students.pdf


Sep2017 calendar DRAFT Good one.pdfSeptember 2017 Monthly Calendar.pdf


Sep2017 newsletter DRAFT Good one.pdfSeptember 2017 Gazette Monthly Newsletter.pdf


Ukulele Kids St. Albert Online-Email Flyer Fall 2017.pdfUkulele Kids St. Albert Online-Email Flyer Fall 2017.pdf




The Monthly Newsletters 2016 - 2017

June 2017


June2017newsletterDRAFT.pdfJune 2017 Gazette Newsletter.pdf


June2017calendarDRAFT.pdfJune 2017 Calendar.pdf


May 2017


May2017newsletterDRAFT.pdfMay 2017 St Albert Gazette Enhanced Monthly Newsletter.pdf


May2017calendarDRAFT.pdfMay 2017 Calendar.pdf


April 2017 

April2017newsletterDRAFT2Complete.pdfApril 2017 St. Albert Gazette Monthly Newsletter (Enhanced).pdf

April 2017 Calendar.pdfApril 2017 Calendar.pdf


March 2017


March2017newsletterFINALvSMG.pdfMarch 2017 St. Albert Gazette Monthly Newsletter with Bonus.pdf


News Gazette- Feb.pdfParenting & Literacy Centre News - Feb.pdf


Letter to parents about african HOZA presentation.pdfLetter to parents about African HOZA presentation.pdf


March2017calendarDRAFT.pdfMarch 2017 Calendar.pdf


 February 2017


Feb2017newsletterDRAFT.pdfFebruary 2017 Newsletter.pdf




Candy Gram Feb 14 Me-to-We.pdfCandy Gram Feb 14 Me-to-We.pdf


Feb2017calendar.pdfFebruary 2017 Calendar.pdf




2017 Believe in Angels letter home newsletter.pdf2017 Believe in Angels Newsletter - Civvies Day Fundraiser.pdf


 January 2017


JAN2017newsletterDRAFT.pdfJanuary 2017Newsletter.pdf


JAN2017calendarDRAFT.pdfJanuary 2017Calendar.pdf

December 2016


DEC2016newsletterDRAFT.pdfDecember 2016 Newsletter.pdf'


DEC2016calendar.pdfDecember 2016 Calendar.pdf

November 2016


NOV2016newsletterDRAFT.pdfNovember 2016 Newsletter.pdf


November 2016 Calendarwebsite.pdfNovember 2016 Calendar.pdf


October 2016


October Newsletter Final.pdfOctober Newsletter Final.pdf


Fire Prevention Week Parent Information.pdfFire Prevention Week Parent Information.pdf


Bake Sale Flyer-0ct 2016.pdfBake Sale Flyer-0ct 2016.pdf


Oct2017calendar.pdfOctober 2016 Calendar.pdf


September 2016


Sep2016 newsletter Web Version.pdfSeptember 2016 Newsletter.pdf


Sep2016 Calendar Web Version.pdfSeptember 2016 Calendar.pdf