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Toronto Catholic District School Board

The St. Albert School Learning Plan 2016-2020






St. Albert School Goals 2016-2020



We recognize that inherent in all we do is a cycle of learning, engagement, and building capacity to improve and facilitate success for our whole community - parents, students, and teachers. Our school goals are living, fluid, and will continue to evolve and by achieving our ultimate goal, we will have succeeded in preparing our students for life in school and outside of school.


Plan your work and work your plan!


The Cycle: 


PDSA Cycle in our daily lives: 
Continuous Improvement Culture:
Creating a culture of engagement:


What motivates you?:




The Ultimate GoalImage result for home school connection

We want to engage and empower students, staff and parents in rich parish and school community leadership opportunities to further develop Catholicity and continue to implement relevant, authentic, and meaningful initiatives throughout the year. We will strive to foster, build and strengthen our relationships within our school and in our community in relevant and meaningful ways.  We will encourage, respect and honour student voice, teacher voice, and parent voice and we will be accountable for our actions and lack thereof. 


The ultimate goal for us is to create
a non-threatening engagement.jpglearning environment that promotes a culture of high expectations supporting the belief that each student can learn, each student will be supported to learn, and each student will readily demonstrate personal growth and achievement in learning.


How are we going to get there? - By setting the direction of what we want, where we want to go, and how we want to get there; By building relationships and engaging people; By developing, strengthening, and supporting people in their practices; By continuously improving our practices and refining our goals; By demanding and securing accountability from all stakeholders - parents, staff, students, and administration. 


Through our professional development and learning, through our explicit teaching and sharing of ideas, through modelling, by way of setting meaningful school goals, utilizing diverse strategies, and establishing sound practices, we believe and our ultimate goal will lead to student success not only in school, but in life.

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 Goal #1 (Growth Mindset, Rigor, Pillars of Success)


To increase student achievement in literacy, numeracy and other learning tasks in a rich, non-threatening learning environment that promotes risk-taking in teaching and learning.  We will nurture and model a set of beliefs in one’s behaviour, outlook, and a positive mental attitude - We will strive to encourage, foster, and support the growth of each member of the St. Albert school community (staff, parents, and students) – We will be models of "rigor" and a "growth mindset". We will explicitly attend to the teaching of the important foundations of learning, the pillars of success - the "work habits" and "learning skills" that each child needs for life-long success. 
Are we there? - NOT YET!
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Fixed or Growth Mindset ... which are you? 



Goal #2 (Learning Opportunities and Great Teaching)


To foster student success by providing differentiated teaching methodologies that are engaging, explicit, and are intentional opportunities to support differentiated learning styles.  We will employ differentiated teaching methods and employ best practices by:  
     - understanding the content of what we are teaching and making it relevant;
     - believing in a methodology of what learning is ... a good pedagogy;
     - being authentic, being real, being who we are, getting involved in learning; 
     - fostering human relationships by believing in each child, showing we care
We're stepping outside the four walls and moving beyond handouts.  It will be hard; Undeniably, it will be challenging; and there will be failures at times - but that's why we will work together as a village to raise each child.  We will all need to be accountable to each other and work as one.




Believe in doing good ... If you can't do good, why are you here?



Kids Caught doing Good ... You can become what you want to be!



"Think of an idea to change our world ... Then, put it into action!"