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The Principal Website Project:


Literacy & Numeracy Websites


Sites #1: Literacy Image result for literacy...

click >> HERE


This is the LITERACY website  link ... Go to our website page to find hundreds of websites to engage your child in so many fun and worthy games that are all literacy based. You can also click the picture to the right or the link below.


Sites #2:Numeracy ... Learning-Objectives-268x222.gif
click >> HERE
This is the NUMERACY website  link ... Go to our website to engage your child in so many fun and educational games that are all numeracy based.  You can also click the picture to the right or the link below.
Visit the TCDSB website for more Literacy & Numeracy websites & resources ... click HERE

Click the link below or HERE above to take you to the interactive site:




For a hardcopy (PDF) of many (but not all) of the websites featured on our website for you to use in order to further support your child's learning, do not hesitate to click and download the file below:


Recommended Lit and Num Websites.pdfRecommended Lit and Num Websites.pdf