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About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
The overall education of children attending St. Ambrose is a joint partnership consisting of the family, the school and the parish. Together we facilitate the progress of each child in the area of spiritual growth, academics, social/emotional behaviour and physical development. With effective communication and cooperation we can successfully help our youngsters maximize their individual potentials and abilities. Parents are always encouraged to provide information or to share in any process which may have an impact on their children.
A Catholic Christian atmosphere is essential to the distinctive nature of our school. The necessity for respect of self and respect for the dignity of others are concepts introduced and reinforced in all the grade levels. Students not only receive daily religious instruction but they are encouraged to live and act accordingly--in the classroom, in the school yard and at home. Individual and community prayer form an important part of each day as seen in the opening exercises which include a community prayer, led by students of all ages and abilities. Also, incorporated within the religion program are themes for classroom liturgies and celebrations and each class will have an opportunity to participate in the preparation for one of our monthly school masses.
Children grow and develop when they are encouraged in a warm and secure environment. At St. Ambrose this welcoming atmosphere has been created using a variety of strategies. The school has a safe arrival policy -i.e. parents will be contacted if their child is absent without prior notification. But more importantly, the recognition that many of our children no longer live within the traditional family structure enables the staff to ensure a sense of security and belonging for all students. Our new and younger students are also helped in their adjustment to school -e.g. peer tutoring, reading buddies and student helpers in the primary grades are some of the means used.
Each student is recognized as an individual in his/her own right. Teachers plan curriculum that addresses the different rates of development, the various learning styles, and the diverse interests and talents of their students. When required, program modification is readily available with the expert assistance of our special services team. A wide range of programming is available including remedial, enrichment, language impaired, special education, gifted, and learning disability. A student whose program is modified may or may not be formally identified and the modification may take place in the regular classroom or through withdrawal to a smaller group setting in a special class.
To facilitate the identification of individual education needs, a process of intervention is followed for all students. Classroom teachers discuss their concerns at a school-based support team meeting chaired by the principal. Various teaching strategies are suggested and after a period of implementation are reviewed. If concerns still exist, the student's profile will be further discussed with the joint team (assessment & programming teacher, psychometrician and social worker). At this point additional strategies may be suggested or a recommendation made for an assessment which may lead to possible identification as an exceptional student.