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Leadership Team

Grade 7 and 8 students who help with school and CSPC initiatives. Students who are interested in becoming a leader have to apply for the position and demonstrate ability and commitment to this team. The leadership team coordinates assemblies, fundraisers, and work with the CSPC to run community building events such as Gingerbread-making and Movie Night.  


Me to We 

This team of grade 7 and 8 students are involved with initiatives that serve the greater community and to raise funds for a specific country in need. Past causes have included raising money to build a school house, providing goats for women, Dr. Simone's Shoeboxes, an knitting scarves for women's shelters

Eco Team

Over the last two years, our school has worked hard  to reduce energy consumption and the amount of garbage produced. The Eco Team have played a pivotal role in having our school become a gold status Eco School.

Our St. Ambrose ECO Team is currently working on minimizing food waste in our school.  That means taking less, reusing what you can, and composting/green- binning as much as possible. These actions reduce the energy needed to grow, process, and transport food, as well as reducing the impact of unnecessary waste disposal. Any time we reduce food waste, we produce fewer greenhouse gases.

The St. Ambrose ECO Team began the Green Bin Program for our school this December.  First, they learned about how to use the new bins properly. Posters were provided to Eco Team members and they did class visits to inform the classes of where the organic waste goes.  ECO team members did announcements and created school posters to spread the word. The school and residential program is the same: what you recycle and put in the green bin at home is exactly the same for schools.  

The Green Bin Program is one small but important step in helping to minimize our waste. When more waste is diverted from landfill, we save valuable landfill space and the energy used to transport those goods. We also save money.

The ECO Team has created G.O.O.S (Good on other side) Bins for each classroom to encourage reusing and recycling paper.  We encourage all classes to use their G.O.O.S Bin that was made out of re-used items.  

Our next initiative is to work on encouraging all students to use water bottles and not plastic bottles and have LITTLERLESS LUNCHES.  Litterless  Lunches do not produce any waste. The lunches contain reusable drink containers, cloth napkins, non-disposable cutlery, durable lunch bags or boxes, reusable sandwich and snack containers. See the attachment for more information.