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 St. Ambrose Catholic School Dress Code


The appropriate dress code for our school, as per TCDSB Policy SS07 includes the following:


 1. Any combination of solid navy blue and/or solid white garments (e.g., white top and navy blue bottom, or navy blue top and bottom, etc. no stripes, plaid, etc);

2. No logos of any size or type and denim (including jeggings), with the exception of the St. Ambrose logoed attire;


3. Clothing worn during Physical Education classes must conform to the above requirements;


4. Clothing worn on excursions must adhere to this Appropriate Dress Code, with the exception of overnight excursions;


5. Other exceptions to this dress code include school-designate Spirit or Theme Days.


6. Inappropriate dress includes hats, other attire considered inappropriate in the TCDSB policy, including but not limited to spaghetti straps, racer-back tops, midriff revealing tops, short shorts, biking shorts.