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Toronto Catholic District School Board

CSPC - Catholic School Parent Council

With approval from the Board, the Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC) recently underwent a name change to Catholic School Parents Council (CPSC). News items & resource documents uploaded prior to September 1st, 2015 may have their titles changed to reflect Catholic School Parents Council (CSPC), the text contained within the documents and pages may still contain the name Catholic School Advisory Council (CSAC).  Please note that these two titles are synonymous.


2016-2017 St. Ambrose Catholic School Parent Committee

Co-Chairs:  Mrs. Betty Minor/ Mr. Joseph Grande

Treasurer: Ms.Renta de Oliveira

Secretary: Ms. Sophie Francisco

Communication Officer:  Mr. Mark Gaudet


Parent Representatives:  

Ms. Joanna Kuczkowsli, Ms. Karen Davey, Ms. Melissa Shannon, Ms. Gina Gregorio, Mr. Robert Choe, Ms. Liss Lomas, Mrs. Linda Smart, Ms. Connie Turco, Ms. Lisa Savaglio, 

Pizza Day Coordinator : Ms. Yolanda Guitar