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AWARDS of EXCELLENCE​--2015-2016

Celebration of Exemplary Practices The Innovative Exemplary Practice Awards showcase outstanding efforts within our Catholic school communities which address the diverse needs of our students. These projects serve as an inspiration for all schools within our system and we hope that our new portal link which archives these innovative projects will encourage the replication and further refinement of these practices.

St. Andre won  two exemplary practice awards for 2015-2016. Congratulations to all of our students and staff for all of their exemplary work!

award.pngInnovative Administrative Leadership: St. Andre
St. Andrew, St. Roch, St. Stephen: Innovative Collaborative Learning Cultures--A group of principals in the same area and with similar school profiles decided to collaborate as a learning team to work on areas of critical need by way of collaborative inquiry, where all grade 7 & 8 teachers from all four schools as well as principals would study Mathematics for teaching to improve student achievement. In order to streamline efforts, they decided to make proportional reasoning the primary focus. Admirably, this initiative has served as a springboard for teacher networking and Principal dialogue focusing on enhancing numeracy instructional leadership. 

award.png​Innovative Safe Schools Initiatives: St. Andre: STAAND Program
In order to address concerns and promote student leadership development, they partnered with Toronto Police Services to implement a weekly program at St. Andre. “Students Taking Action against Negative Decisions” (STAAND) has as its Mission to cause a change in behaviour for those who bully others, having them become positive role models and advocates against bullying amongst their peers and school mates. 
Exemplary Practice STAAND.jpg