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To ensure the students have a balance education, the following extra-curricular activities are provided:

  • Soccer (grade 7 & 8)
  • Volleyball (grade 4-8)
  • Basketball (grade 4-8)
  • Cross Country (grade 4-8)
  • Track & Field (grade 3-8)
  • Softball (grade 7 & 8)
  • House leagues (grade 1-6)
  • Chess
  • W5H
  • Baseball
  • Choir
  • Skating
  • Swimming (grade 4)

The Healthy Action Committee at St. Andrew Catholic School

During the month of March, nutrition became an important focus at St. Andrew Catholic School.  The students and staff actively promoted and celebrated healthy eating practices.  The Healthy Action Committee comprised of the staff, students, the public health nurse and community organizations organized a variety of activities to develop and support lifelong healthy eating habits through the nutrition curriculum and access to healthy food choices.   A healthy action plan was then developed consisting of various activiHealthy snacks poster contestties to engage the St. Andrew students and community.  Some of the initiatives included:

  • Bringing healthy snacks to school;
  • Participating in two weekly P.A. dance sessions for D.P.A.;
  • Student leaders tracking snacks at school;
  • Healthy activity rewards for classes with 80% compliance;
  • Class poster contests for students to creatively illustrate and express messages of healthy eating practices;
  • Teacher workshops facilitated by the Public Health Nurse;
  • Hands-on activities and classroom sessions for students on “Healthy Eating” and “Think What You Drink” facilitated by the Public Health Nurse;
  • Daily informative health tips read over the P.A.; and
  • Teacher in-services provided by the Dairy Farmers of Canada to further enhance the nutrition curriculum.

March proved to be a very exciting and rewarding month for the St. Andrew community. Together we emphasized and learned that eating well and being active are key to our good health and well-being.

D. Noordin

Healthy Action Committee Co-ordinator