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Toronto Catholic District School Board

M4YC (Math for Young Children)
The Math for Young Children (M4YC) project, under the direction of Dr. Cathy Bruce (Trent University) and Dr. Joan Moss (University of Toronto) involved professional development for the JK/SK/Gr. 1 teachers at St. Andrew’s School.  The Math for Young Children Project was designed using the Japanese lesson study framework.   Each teacher team (consisting generally of 5 to 7 individuals) works closely with the mathematics education.
Teachers carried out a variety of exploratory lessons to spark students’ measurement thinking and spatial reasoning. The following pictures are highlights of measurement concepts and mathematical processes involved in these lessons.
As exploration deepens with time, the teachers and researchers design a research lesson that is refined and then publicly taught on Public Lesson Day. After the public lesson day, the teacher-researcher team gather again with a rich array of artifacts that are compiled and refined into a complete resource package.
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