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How We Meet The Diverse Needs of Our Students
Our Catholic schools contribute to the formation of our children in their Faith Life. In partnership with the home and Parish, our students grow in knowledge of prayer, scripture and Catholic teachings. The following initiatives and activities represent some of the ways we intend to serve our local Catholic school community.
- Partnership with parents and the local Catholic School Advisory Council
- Liturgical and Sacramental celebrations
- Faith in action (charitable activities)
- Mathematics (Olympics, Buddies)
- W5H
- Health Action Team
- Eco-Team
- Choir and Music Festivals
- Me to We
- Excursions--local and overnight
- Computer Lab 
- School performances  
- Athletics
- Vocal/instrumental music programs
- French As a Second Language, grades 1-8
- Science Fair/ Young Authors Celebrations 
- International Languages--Italian
- Remedial literacy and numeracy after school program
- Gifted program
- Behaviour program
- Language Impairment programs
- Kindergarten Language program
- English as a Second Language program
- Parenting and Family Literacy program