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About Us
St Anselm Pride

Our school is named after St. Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury (circa 1033-1109) whose feast day is April 21st. Born in Aosta, Italy. St Anselm acquired a reputation for learning and piety. This renowned saint is an excelled role model for the school community as her personifies great courage and outstanding scholarship as a theologian, philosopher and church leader. St Anselm celebrated works were projects of the faith seeking understanding. His beliefs and scholarship form the framework of St Anselm Catholic School’s rich tradition.
Our Philosophy

St Anselm is a small school of approximately 350 students located in the Leaside area of Toronto. Our philosophy is based on the fundamental principal of fostering positive feelings of self-worth in the people. We take Pride in our school. We expect that all students will Participate in the school community, assume Responsibility for their actions, show Initiative, test themselves with Dignity and demonstrate concern for our Environment.
St Anselm Virtues of the Month: 
September - Hospitality
October - Gratitude
November - Peacemaking
December - Charity
January - Courage
February - Love
March - Forgiveness
April - Justice
May- Compassion
June - Faithfulness
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
Catholic Foundation
St. Anselm School provides a learning environment, where models of Gospel values and Catholic doctrines, teachings and beliefs are an integral part of the daily life of the school. Religious instruction, family life programs and values in education, provide students with a firm foundation in their faith development. Throughout the year, staff and students participate in organizing and attending liturgical celebrations, organizing  food drives, and leading opening exercises. There is a bi-weekly visit from the priest and the Rosary group visits during the Mary months. 
The school is implementing programs from junior kindergarten to grade 8  which are based on the expectations developed by the Ministry of Education. This also includes programs for the exceptional student.
Enrichment activities, supported by a financial contribution by the Catholic School Advisory Council and significant community involvement, are a part of regular classroom programming.  School trips, visiting theatrical and science groups are examples of enrichment in the school.
Special Education
The school provides to each exceptional student, access to the regular program and to the educational mainstream. The student is placed in the most enabling environment to the extent to which it is practical and beneficial. Program modification and remediation are planned and offered where needed, arising out of the advice of the school-based support team, the joint inter-disciplinary team, and parental advice and support. Formal assessment and identification of the student as exceptional are sometimes necessary. Identified students are supported by a special education teacher (who offers programs in the learning centre) or by a teacher of multiple exceptionalities and possibly by educational assistants. Students who have been formally identified as “Gifted” attend a specialized program once a week at St. Monica Catholic School.
Fixed attendance boundary
Please note that St. Anselm Catholic School has a fixed attendance boundary. Schools with Board established attendance boundaries do not permit registration of students outside those defined attendance areas. There is no wait list for these schools.