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Special Education
The school provides to each exceptional student, access to the regular program and to the educational mainstream. The student is placed in the most enabling environment to the extent to which it is practical and beneficial. Program modification and remediation are planned and offered where needed, arising out of the advice of the school-based support team, the joint inter-disciplinary team, and parental advice and support. Formal assessment and identification of the student as exceptional are sometimes necessary. Identified students are supported by a special education teacher (who offers programs in the learning centre) or by a teacher of multiple exceptionalities and possibly by educational assistants. Students who have been formally identified as “Gifted” attend a specialized program once a week at St. Monica Catholic School.

The Comprehensive Literacy program is implemented as early as Jr. Kindergarten and is continued through to grade 8. An early love of books and reading is emphasized in the early years and is maintained throughout the grades. Parents offer support by virtue of CSAC involvement in the book buy programs, through which a considerable number of books are donated to the library, the hub of the school.
Computer Literacy
The school has focused on upgrading hardware, acquiring software, and developing skills. Students are becoming more competent in the use of multimedia computers, stand-alone and networked systems for information retrieval management and organization. A newly updated computer lab and additional hardware in the classrooms have allowed the teachers to team teach and offer instruction in web page building, multimedia presentations, and computer buddies (older students teaching younger students software applications.)