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Face to Faith Video Conference at St. Anselm


On Tuesday December 2nd, 2014, students from St. Anselm School of the TCDSB participated in an online videoconference through the Face to Faith Program with Our Lady of Mercy School, A Roman Catholic School in Potomac Maryland, United States.

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Students, led by teacher Michele Whyte participate in these videoconferences regularly with schools from overseas as well, typically during their lunch hour.  During this conference students shared the influences in their life, and what they have done as a community in our Year of Charity. 

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Our Lady of Mercy School shared their ‘Jacket Drive’ initiative, bringing dinners for the homeless, and creating ornaments for disadvantaged children this holiday season.
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St. Anselm discussed their participation in Me to We, and giving to the less fortunate in a number of different ways. “By raising money in the Year of Charity the students of St. Anselm feel the need to do so and would want others to help us”.
Our Lady of Mercy School, referred to scripture as the Prodigal Son influenced them to show towards compassion to others. 
The students from both schools concluded their videoconference with sharing similarities and differences between Canada and the United States, Our Lady of Mercy and St. Anselm, and a short reflection as to what was learned through the online discussion.  
The students of both schools will continue to communicate with one another through online blogging in the future.  Many students were tweeting during the videoconference, as witnesses of our faith through innovation and action.