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Toronto Catholic District School Board

About St. Anthony


St. Anthony Catholic School is a warm, welcoming and safe community facility that is steeped in respect, dignity, empathy and compassion. Our staff members care deeply about each student and about their accomplishments and growth.  St. Anthony   is a learning community where all members encourage and exhibit a love of learning.


We work very closely with the St. Anthony parish community.  Our students are prepared for the sacraments of First Holy Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation.  We celebrate monthly masses at St. Anthony church and have regular visits from Father Santos and his associates.  Monthly virtues (hospitality, gratitude, peacemaking, charity, courage, love, forgiveness, justice, compassion, faithfulness) are discussed and integrated into all aspects of school life.


As well as the emphasis on academics and continuous improvement, St. Anthony also offers

a vast array of activities and programs which serve the diverse needs of our community. We offer an extensive co-curricular schedule featuring after school sports, Karate classes, piano lessons, ballroom dancing and chess. 


St. Anthony has been chosen as one of TCDSB’s Early Learning Sites with the implementation of Full Day Learning in our Kindergarten division.  Each classroom is lead by a teacher as well as an Early Childhood Educator. 
We offer a five day SNACK Program which not only provides students with nutritious snacks, it also educates our students on the importance of healthy living habits. 


Our school has adopted an Appropriate Dress Code.  All students must come to school dressed in any combination of white and navy blue garments (i.e. plain white top, navy blue bottom, navy blue top and bottom, no denim). 


St. Anthony has also established many community partnerships which strengthen both our students and programs.   We work closely with the Dovercourt Boys’ and Girls’ club which offers varied after school programming.  We regularly host co-op students from our neighbouring high schools and student teachers from university Faculty of Education programs.  We also have many volunteers who assist our classroom teachers in many capacities.