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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal's Message
​​​manuela.pngAs a Catholic school leader, I am committed to fostering the development of all children.  Parents, teachers, and students must work in partnership to provide an empowering, enriching and challenging learning environment where children, regardless of their abilities, are given opportunities to reach their fullest potential.  Our academic curriculum and activities must emphasize the formation of the whole person, that is, intellectual, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development.  Students must be given opportunities to develop skills so as to become self-reliant problem solvers, with a strong sense of self worth and confidence in themselves.  They must also be provided with a moral framework essential for the development of responsible global citizens.  Students must be encouraged to appreciate their gifts, to strive for excellence and use their gifts and talents in the service of others.  I welcome the opportunity to work in collaboration with all members of our community!​​​​​​