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School History And Tradition
St. Anthony Catholic School was established by the Sisters of Loretto more than 90 years ago. Over the years St. Anthony has served the children of various immigrants groups, starting with the Irish and continuing with Italians, Portuguese, Central and South Americans. At present the majority of students are Canadians of Portuguese heritage, plus a smaller number of Canadians whose heritage is Central and South American. St. Anthony School is named in honour of St. Anthony of Padua. His contact with some Franciscans, inspired him to become a Franciscan. He was sent to Italy to preach and teach. He died at the age of 36, and was canonized within the year. St. Anthony School continues to be proud of its historic past, its academic and athletic excellence, its Christian environment, and its ties with the community and parish. We are very proud of the many outstanding graduates who have contributed to the community, city, country and church since its establishment by the Sister of Loretto.
A newly renovated and expanded facility opened in the spring of 2006.