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About Us
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students
St. Antoine Daniel School is committed to Catholic education. We see education as a process through which the community of the school develops within its students a way of living which embodies the life of Jesus Christ.
We attempt to provide an environment that is safe and welcoming to both students and parents. To this end we have implemented a safe arrival program and a code of behaviour that is based on self-discipline, self-respect, respect for others and our environment.
The individual needs of our students are met in a variety of ways.
  • Early intervention to assist students who require additional support
  • Access to special education program
  • Access to enrichment/gifted programs
  • Access to programs in vocal and instrumental music
  • Opportunities for students to use computers as a tool for learning
  • Participation in Toronto Catholic District School Board inter-school events ie. sports, W5H, public speaking, etc.
  • English as a second language program
  • Regular parent/school information sessions

St. Antoine Daniel School encompasses a dynamic teaching staff, energetic, hard working and delightful students, wonderful parents, a committed school council and a supportive community. Our students learn in an environment that fosters spiritual, academic, social, artistic, physical and personal growth. As a school community we join together on a daily basis to recite The Lord’s Prayer, to share in biblical readings and to sing our National Anthem. Virtues of the Month are an integral part of our school and every month we gather as a school community to honour students who best exemplify these virtues. Parents and guardians are always welcome to our school assemblies.
Our school is committed to the development of the individual potential of all our students, and above all ensuring that our students are formed in the Catholic faith. Throughout the day, we apply Christian values to life's opportunities, challenges and choices. In this regard, we strive to emphasize and provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are ensured good learning opportunities.

Fostering a safe and welcoming learning environment is a vital part of St. Antoine Daniel School. Our school safety plan includes Safety Patrol students, parents and community members who ensure that students are dropped off safely in our parking lot. Bus students are monitored and bus safety is emphasized with the students. We encourage all parents to notify the school with reference to specific health concerns of their child. If medication is required, parents are encouraged to ensure that the school is aware of the specific needs. We encourage a peanut free environment to ensure that our students who have allergies can learn in a safe environment. Daily attendance is another example of ensuring that students arrive safely to school. Through cooperative parent-school communications, parents advise the school if their child will be absent, and school staff monitor attendance patterns. We welcome all parents and guardians into our school. To ensure a safe environment, all visitors are required to report to the office upon their arrival.

Literacy and numeracy will continue to be a focus at St. Antoine Daniel School. Curriculum is reviewed, developed and implemented within the framework of a Catholic educational philosophy. It is designed for all students. It is focused on learning outcomes and it is inclusive and oriented to the optimum development of our student body.
At St. Antoine Daniel we meet the needs of students requiring English as a second language (ESL) , remedial help and special education. We also address students who are gifted, and students with a range of other abilities (music, drama and art). The school is structured so that meaningful integration of the curriculum occurs and our basic objective is excellence and equity for all. Further, provincial standards are used to assess and report on student progress while collaboration among teachers, parents , students, and the local community occurs on a regular basis.