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School History And Tradition
St. Antoine Daniel Catholic School first opened its doors in 1970 as St. Daniel School. It was then an eight-room open complex school with an enrollment of 126 pupils. In the intervening years, as North York has grown into a vibrant city, the school has kept pace with it, always mirroring the changing needs, concerns and aspirations of the community at large. In 1988, interior walls were erected, bringing the open-complex era to a close. In the more recent past, as information highway and the internet became part of the lexicon, the school was quick to learn the new language and to be part of that web. The face of the school has changed too, reflecting demographic changes in the larger community. The staff and student body in 1995 represented no fewer than 13 languages and ethnic origins.
In 1984 the school name was officially changed to St. Antoine Daniel to be more readily identified with its patron saint. Father Antoine Daniel, a Jesuit missionary who lived and worked among the Hurons. He became the first martyr of Huronia when the Iroquois over-ran the St. Joseph II mission at Teanaostaiae (now Hisdale in Simcoe County, Ontario).
The school has, over the years, forged strong links with the parish and the parent community. The Catholic School Advisory Council continues to be a staunch supporter and an active partner with the school in all its endeavour, from fundraising to the 25th anniversary celebration in May 1995.