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Elementary Presentations


Spanish Explorers & Conquistadors (Social Studies)

Fire Safety (Practical Living)

The World of Living Things (Science)
Animals and Plants (Science)
Geography (Social Studies)

Vocabulary Words (Social Studies)

Washington D. C. (Social Studies)

Types of Animals (Science)

A Working World (Social Studies)

What Lives in a Shell? (Science)

Describing Animals (Science)

Word Families (Language Arts)

The United States and Canada (Social Studies)

Thermal Energy (Science)

Musical Instrument Families (A/H)

The Sneaky e

How Scientists Work (Science)


Testing Tips

What Comes Between (Math)

Our Five Senses (Science)

Open Response Scoring Guide

Pick a Pronoun (Language Arts)

Kentucky - The Bluegrass State (Social Studies)

What is Geography? (Social Studies)

Welcome To Your Library

Friends (Counseling)

English As A Second Language

Card Catalog (Library)

Organizing Data

The Wonderful World of Writing
Looking At Regions (Social Studies)


What Do You Do When The Teacher Talks (Social Studies)

The Life Cycle of a Bean Plant (Science)

Antonyms (Language Arts)

Magnets (Science)

Water Cycle (Science)

The Water [H2O] Cycle (Science)

The Shopping List (Speech)
Vocabulary Words

Unlocking the Secrets of Math (Math)

Pet Shop Economics (Social Studies)

Personal Narrative (Language Arts)

Star Facts (Science)

Spelling Review (Kindergarten)

Vocabulary Study (Science)

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (Language Arts)

Statistics (Math)

Numbers and Colors (Preschool Math)

Forces and Motions (Science)

Fine Arts Sight Words (Reading)

Phonics Review


Spelling:  Number Words

Phonics Digraphs

The Solar System (Science)

Life Cycle of a Plant (Science)

Probability and Chance (Math)

People in History (Social Studies)

Electricity (Science)

Motion and Force (Science)

Vincent van Gogh

The Baroque Music Period

Weather What is a Community?(Social Studies)

Parts of Speech (Language Arts)

Money Matters - Introduction to the Penny

Stop, Think, Go Light at Night (Art)

Learning to Count (Preschool)


Feature Article (Language Arts)

Time of Slavery (Social Studies)
Question Words (Language Arts)

The Earth (Science)

Geometric Formulas (Math)
The Elements of Art (Arts/Humanities)

Melody (Music)

Language Arts

Literary Devices