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St. Antoine Daniel 'adopted' by Chapters in Woodbridge



Exciting news, and St. Antoine Daniel needs our TCDSB community support! 
Our school, St. Antoine Daniel, has been ‘adopted’ by the Chapters at the SmartCentres in Woodbridge from September 16 to October 8.
What does that mean?  Well, the Adopt a School program is an opportunity for our community to work with a local Chapters store and raise money to purchase new library books for the school. 
 During the ‘September 16 to October 8 adoption period, any customer donations to the Love of Reading Foundation at the Woodbridge location go directly to our school. 
There are also alternative support options online to support St. Antoine Daniel, a school whose community needs strong literacy support 


Getting our TCDSB community, as well as our school community involved will make this opportunity as fruitful as possible.  Our school has a page on the Adopt a School website (