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St. Augustine New Construction


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      Update on New Funding for Addition to St. Augustine, November 19, 2015


St Augustine of Canterbury - Letter of parents staff caregivers.pdfSt Augustine of Canterbury - Letter for parents, staff and caregivers

St Augustine - Phase 1 - Floor Plan.pdfSt Augustine - Phase 1 - Floor Plan

St Augustine - Phase 1 - Rendering.pdfSt Augustine - Phase 1 - Rendering

St Augustine - Phase 1 - Site Plan.pdfSt Augustine - Phase 1 - Site Plan


New Construction Status Update

  • June 2020​

  • March 2020​

  • December 2019Most deficiencies affecting school operations were completed by December 6, 2019, and outstanding commissioning will be completed once the colder temperatures are more consistent. Remaining door hardware, exterior fencing and gym padding to be completed by January 6, 2020, and pavement line painting will be completed in Spring 2020.​

  • September 2019: The majority of the outstanding work is in the front yard, and includes the childcare playground and front yard sodding. Work is scheduled to be complete the first week of October, and the childcare anticipates opening its three full time rooms in December 2019 or January 2020.