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About Us

Mission Statement
St. Barbara's is a school community of God's people bound together by a faith in Jesus Christ. Our mission is to educate all our students in the fullness of God's grace through the celebration of His sacraments. Through the prayers and active participation of our students, teachers, and parents we carry out this mission in a spirit of determination and joy.

About Our School
st barbara school logoUpon entering the school, one is welcomed by some of the symbols of our faith: the cross, good news Bible, light, water, and the cloth of baptism. A painting and short history of our patron saint adorns the front door. We are privileged with classroom visits from the priest from St. Rose of Lima Church. As well, Para liturgies are ongoing. New students and parents are welcomed at the office by the secretary and/or principal. A safe environment is fostered through general and bus/loading supervision, and by contacting parents regarding students who are absent. A code of behaviour for all students has been established, as well as a school dress uniform code. 
Every classroom has access to a computer labs, 30 wireless laptops and/or individual computers. Teachers meet at regularly scheduled monthly divisional and staff meetings in order to ensure continuous renewal of program and program delivery. Teachers have been attending workshops and conferences to keep themselves current with new Ministry of Education initiatives and updated pedagogical practices.

The needs of all children at either end of the spectrum are met by appropriately designed programs which challenge them to achieve to the best of their abilities. Curriculum modification, whether enrichment or remedial, is provided when necessary.
The school-based support team (SBST) meets regularly with classroom teachers to address areas of concern with regard to the social, academic or emotional growth of children. Suggestions are made to help the teacher provide the best possible program for each child. If more intensive interventions are required, the interdisciplinary team (IDT) is convened. The team is made up of the assessment and programming teacher, the psychologist, the social worker and sometimes guidance and speech personnel, the special education teacher, the vice-principal and the principal. At IDT meetings, decisions may be made for further program modification or for either academic or social assessment. Children from grades 3 to 8 who do not speak English are helped in the English as a second language class.
Peace and Pro Awards – By highlighting a virtue each month, (such as hospitality, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, justice, etc.) our students are reminded of our Catholic teachings.  Two students per grade (Grade 1 to 6) are awarded each month with a Pro or Peace Award based on their implementations of the virtue of the month.