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Principal's Message

A warm St. Barbara’s welcome to all in our school community, and to all visitors!

Hopefully, we have all spent the holidays in a relaxing and refreshing manner, and are ready to begin another year. September means different things to different people. As the well-known television commercial sings, to many parents, it’s “the most wonderful time of the year!” For our SK. to grade 8 students, even though the older ones may not admit it at times, it's a joyful reunion with friends and classmates, and the anticipation of a new teacher, more and exciting things to learn and new friends to make. For our new JK students, it's an entirely unique experience, right from riding the bus and leaving the security of home, to being in a classroom with people they don't yet know and staying at school "the whole day!" Pretty scary stuff for these little 4 year olds! And I can remember that as a parent, it was a pretty scary and emotional time for me as well! It's amazing though, how quickly they become "pros" at being students and love the whole school adventure. Even our teachers experience a new beginning each year, as they work to learn how each new child they have in their classroom learns, what their needs are and how to best meet those needs. The teachers are constantly learning as well, through reading, attending professional development days, participating in staff meetings and taking courses, in order to stay on top of the latest educational research and developments.

All of us at St. Barbara Catholic School welcome your children and you to our school family. We strive to make our school community a place where your children and you feel happy and secure. As you know, and as you who are new to our school will soon find out, St. Barbara Catholic School is a joyous place, a place where your children will spend their days learning, laughing, playing and praying among friends, teachers, and support staff who are all dedicated to making their experience a good one. Thank you for entrusting your children to us. Together, we will teach them, nurture them, guide them and nourish them academically, spiritually, physically and socially. Please visit our web page often, as we will be posting news, events, calendars and newsletters. Communication is so important, and I encourage you to call, visit, write or e-mail whenever you feel the need to discuss, ask or comment on anything. Volunteers are what make a big difference in our school, so if you have time to spare, we welcome your assistance. Just call us!

May God bless us and guide us as we embark on this new school year!