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School History And Tradition

Opening date: 1959 - Addition added in 1964  St. Barbara exterior


First Principal: Joe Legault

Enrolment History: 1959--132; 1969--613; 1995—458; 2010- -340

School Motto: Growing together in faith


The virgin and martyr St. Barbara is known as a protector against storms and as the patroness of architects, builders, and masons. A popular heroine of medieval legend, nothing certain is known of her life. The legend concerning St. Barbara was unknown before the 7th century and achieved its greatest popularity about the 9th century. It is most likely that she lived as early as the 3rd century.

She is said to have been the daughter of Dioscorus, a wealthy Roman, who imprisoned her in a tower. Workmen were constructing two windows in the tower--or perhaps in a building nearby--and she persuaded them to construct a third. This, understood as the sign of the Trinity, demonstrated to her father that she had become a Christian.

St. Barbara has also been considered a protector against impenitence and sudden death. Her feast day is December 4th.


At St. Barbara Catholic School, our mission is to let Christ's light shine in our midst. By our liturgies, paraliturgies our giving tree, service to one another and to each other, sense of community, inclusiveness, welcoming, compassion, love, forgiveness and foundation Good News, we hope to bring our community closer to Christ. At St. Barbara we strive for academic excellence. We hope that our pupils view St. Barbara Catholic School as a place where failure is simply a catalyst for growth.