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Principal`s Message
Dear St. Bartholomew Family,


Welcome to St. Bartholomew Catholic School.  Catholic education is truly a gift.  Thank you for choosing Catholic education and entrusting us with your most precious gifts, your children.  Our staff are committed to providing the best possible education for your children during the months ahead, whether that be in class, or in a virtual learning environment.  We are committed to improved student achievement and well-being within a framework of Gospel values embedded in our love of Christ.


We know that the unique challenges presented by COVID-19 have been difficult for everyone, and most particularly our students. Please be assured that the health and well-being of our students and staff are vitally important to us. We are continuing to follow the direction of public health officials, the Ministry of Education and our own Health and Safety Department, as well as the Board's Mental Health and Psychology teams.


We want to ensure that the school year is as normal as we can make it for your children, and that all students are given the opportunity to learn and succeed in whatever learning environment you have chosen for your family.


Please feel free to contact the school at any time with your concerns, as well as your suggestions for improvement. As it has been so often said, "we are in this together", and we are confident that with your continued support the 2021-2022 school year will be a successful and enjoyable one for all of us.


We look forward to serving you and your children in the year ahead.


Serving you in Catholic education,

MC Badali