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The Toronto Catholic District School Board follows Ministry curriculum and policy guidelines. Through the aid of workshops, teachers at St. Bartholomew plan a curriculum with an emphasis on objectives that will meet the diverse needs of our students and the expectations of the Ontario curriculum.  St Bartholomew encourages students to be self-reflective and self-motivated with a focus on life-long learning and problem-solving skills.  As such the faculty model these behaviours by functioning collaboratively as a professional learning community.


The teachers at St Bartholomew are adept at delivering curriculum through various technological media and the school is equipped with SMART boards and digital projectors.  In order for students to be successful in complex, global 21st Century society they must be proficient at adapting to change both within the technological and economic realm.
Students who require extra help with their academic studies are discussed at our school-based support team meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to plan program modifications, monitor progress and offer additional support.


Mathematics instruction is given in small classes of 10-15 students allowing the identified students to receive extra attention from the teacher while allowing them to remain with their same-grade peers. Students in grades 5 - 8 who are identified as gifted attend a one-day-a-week program at a nearby gifted centre. Students who require extra help in the area of language and literacy receive a program in small groups from Special Education for varying amounts of time, depending on need. The itinerant guidance teacher or the school social worker helps students who require emotional and social guidance. Every attempt is made to access resources and programs that will help each child meet his/her learning needs.