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Principal`s Message

Dear Students,
It is a pleasure for me to welcome each of you to St. Basil at the beginning of this school year.  As we journey together through this year, it is my wish that we will use those unique gifts that God has given each of us, to make this year enjoyable and continue to strive for excellence.
As we begin this year, we continue to face many changes and challenges, making it more important than ever to develop good organization, time management and study skills. To assist you in this regard, we offer you this Student Agenda and we encourage you to make good use of it as an event calendar, to keep track of your homework, assignments, tests etcetera and to help plan and manage your time. We hope it will help you to have a successful school year.  In this Agenda are the school policies and procedures of which you need to be aware. Please read these pages very carefully.
Best wishes for an exciting and successful year.