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Welcome to the

Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics at St. Basil-The-Great College strives to help our students build a solid conceptual foundation of mathematics, to provide rich learning experiences, and to increase their achievement in mathematics.


Our dedicated team of math teachers design meaningful lessons that differentiate instruction and address various learning styles. By integrating a variety of teaching strategies and techniques, our math teachers create interactive learning environments that engage students in the learning process and assist them in developing critical thinking and logical reasoning skills.  By providing rich mathematical tasks and projects, teachers challenge students to make sense of mathematics, to further develop their understanding of the various mathematical concepts, and to learn and develop math interpretative and problem solving skills.  By incorporating technology, math teachers facilitate the understanding of abstract math concepts to help students make connections and solve problems inspired by real life situations.


The Department of Mathematics offers an enriched academic program that will challenge and nurture gifted or high-ability students.  Students are provided with greater depth and breadth of topics and open ended opportunities for solving complex problems, which require higher order thinking skills.  Students experience the learning of mathematics through authentic rich tasks and projects, which require the integration of 21st century learning tools, including technology. They are provided with the opportunities to construct new content knowledge through explorations and investigations.  Enriched students will be prepared to participate in contests organized by prestigious Canadian universities and are provided with opportunities to advance their knowledge of mathematics beyond the Ontario curriculum expectations.

Courses W​e Offer

​​​MATHEMATICS Grade 9 ​Grade 10 ​Grade 11 ​Grade 12
​Principles of Mathematics - Academic/Enriched ​MPM1DE MPM2DE
​Principles of Mathematics - Academic ​MPM1D1 MPM2D1​​
Foundations of Mathematics - Applied​ MFM1P1​ MFM2P1​
Mathematics - Locally Developed​ MAT1L1​ MAT2L1​
Functions - University / Enriched​ MCR3UE​
Functions - University​ MCR3U1​
Functions & Applications - Univ./College ​ MCF3M1​
Foundations of College Mathematics - College​ MBF3C1​ MAP4C1​
Math for Work & Everyday Life - Workplace​ MEL3E1​ MEL4E1​
Advanced Functions - University/Enriched​ MHF4UE​
Advanced Functions - University​ MHF4U1​
Calculus & Vectors - University/Enriched​ MCV4UE​
Calculus & Vectors - University​ MCV4U1​
Mathematics of Data Management - University​ MDM4U1​