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Welcome to the

Department of Health & Physical Education


In the healthy active living courses, students will participate in enjoyable and challenging activities both on and off the school site. These activities will help promote lifelong healthy physical, mental and social skills through physical activity. The course will promote physical fitness, leadership skills, injury prevention along with positive social skills and group intervention.


Students will improve their overall physical fitness along with developing their physical literacy, nutritional knowledge, mental health and develop lifelong skills for physical fitness, wellbeing and overall health. We offer focus courses in personal fitness, which promote students developing goal setting skills and developing methods of goal achievement. Students will develop their own personal training program for personal fitness and even athletic development.


Our school also offers a SHSM in Sports where students can develop their skills, knowledge and certifications that will be helpful in the pursuit of a career in an education background in the health, medical and fitness fields. Certificates in CPR and First Aid are offered free of charge to students in this program along with experiences with sports franchises, such as the Argos and Toronto FC, and Higher Education (University and College) explorations.


Courses W​e Offer

​​​HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION Grade 9 ​Grade 10 ​Grade 11 ​Grade 12
​Healthy Active Living Education (Male) - Open 
(U = male; V= F
Healthy Active Living Education (Female) - Open ​PPL1OV PPL2OV​​ PPL3OV ​ PPL4OV
Healthy Living & Personal Fitness (Male) - Open​ PAF3OU​ PAF4OU​
Healthy Living & Personal Fitness (Female) - Open​ PAF3OV​ PAF4OV​
Recreation & Healthy Active Living Leadership - University/College​ PLF4M1​
Introductory Kinesiology - University ​ PSK4U1​