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Welcome to the

Department of Science


"Science knows no country because knowledge belongs to humanity,

and is the torch which illuminates the world."

–Louis Pasteur


With a dynamic department comprised of innovative teachers, experts in their chosen field, St. Basil offers science to students of all levels, from locally developed to the enriched level.


In grades 9 and 10, students are exposed to a multitude of sub-disciplines, including biology, chemistry, and physics, enabling students to find where their interests and passion lie.  In grades 11 and 12, students start to specialize and focus on the discipline which would provide for them a solid foundation for further studies at the undergraduate level.


Our specialty courses include Health Care and the unique, three-credit Biotechnology package found only at SBC.  We are extremely proud to be the only school in the TCDSB offering such a dynamic program geared at covering current issues in science and society such as genetic engineering, stem cell research and DNA fingerprinting. Not only does the program make students part of the Information Revolution, but it is designed to give our Basilian students a real advantage in their future studies and career pathways. In our state-of-the-art laboratories, students conduct unique experiments. Most notably the students extract their own DNA (a top secret biotech recipe)!


The department strives to help students consolidate skills in order for them to solve problems, make decisions, and create personal meaning, not only for their own futures but also that they may have a positive impact on our world.


Courses W​e Offer

​​​SCIENCE Grade 9 ​Grade 10 ​Grade 11 ​Grade 12
​Science - Academic/Enriched ​SNC1DE SNC2DE
​Science - Academic ​SNC1D1 SNC2D1​​
Science - Applied​ SNC1P1​ SNC2P1​
Science - Locally Developed​ SNC1L1​ SNC2L1​
Biology - University/Enriched​ SBI3UE​ SBI4U2*​
Biology​ - University SBI3U1​ SBI4U1​
Biology - College​ SBI3C1​
Chemistry - University/Enriched​ SCH3UE​ SCH4U2*​
Chemistry - University​ SCH3U1​ SCH4U1​
Chem​istry - College SCH4C1​
Physics - University​ SPH3U1​ SPH4U1​
Physics - College​ SPH4C1​


​Biotechnology (3-credit package*) - University  IDP4U1*


​Health Care - University/College  TPJ3M1​