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Welcome to the

Department of Social Sciences


The Department of Social Sciences offers a wide-range of courses in Geography, History, Law, Civics, Family Studies and General Social Sciences.


GGeography.bmpEOGRAPHY is about determining the significance of “place” as it relates to the natural environment, the human environment, and interactions within and between them. SBC Geography is pleased to offer a variety of physical and human geography courses for students in all grades.


These courses includeThThese courses include: Issues in Canadian Geography, Physical Processes and Natural Disasters, Travel and Tourism, and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis. 



History.bmpHISTORY fulfils a fundamental human desire to understand the past. It also appeals to our love of stories. Through the narrative of history, we learn about the people, events, emotions, struggles, and challenges that produced the present and that will shape the future. The study of history enables students to become critically thoughtful and informed citizens who are able to interpret and analyse historical, as well as current, issues, events, and developments, both in Canada and the world.
A variety of History courses are offered: Canadian History since World War I, World History to the End of the Fifteenth Century, World History since the Fifteenth Century and Adventures in World History.


CIVICS looks at how societies are governed, how public policy is developed, and how power is distributed. Civics is a branch of politics that focuses on the rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship, the role of governments, and how people can get involved in the political process and take action on issues of civic importance.

History3.bmpLAW is intended to ensure fair​ness and to promote and maintain justice in society. Legal studies focuses on how rules are created, how they evolve, and how they are enforced and adjudicated within the legal system. Through the study of law, students examine how various forces shape law, and how law shapes interactions between and among people, institutions, and governments. The study of law enables students to develop an understanding of various areas of law, the relevance of law to everyday life, and the influence of entrenched rights and responsibilities on the Canadian legal system.

FAMILY STUDIES is a multidisciplinary subject area that encompasses food and nutrition; general family studies; and raising and caring for children. The topics covered in these areas include, among others: the role of nutrition in health; the relationship between food and culture; human and family interactions and development; life management skills; various types of relationships; and considerations related to raising and caring for children.


History2.bmpGENERAL SOCIAL SCIENCES provide students with opportunities to think critically about theories, questions, and issues related to anthropology, psychology, and sociology. Students will develop an understanding of the approaches and research methods used by social scientists. They will be given opportunities to explore theories from a variety of perspectives, to conduct social science research, and to become familiar with current thinking on a range of issues within the three disciplines.

Courses W​e Offer

​​​CANADIAN & WORLD STUDIES Grade 9 ​Grade 10 ​Grade 11 ​Grade 12
​Issues in Canadian Geography  - Academic/Enriched ​CGC1DE
​Issues in Canadian Geography - Academic ​CGC1D1 ​​
Issues in Canadian Geography - Applied​ CGC1P1
Forces of Nature: Physical Processes & Disasters - University/College CGF3M1​
Travel and Tourism: A Geographic Perspective - Open​ CGG3O1​
World Issues: A Geographic Analysis - University CGW4U1​
Civics and Citizenship - Open​ CHV2O3​
Canadian History since WWI - Academic/Enriched​ CHC2DE​
Canadian History since WWI - Academic CHC2D​1​
Canadian History since WWI - Applied​ CHC2P1​
Canadian History since WWI - Locally Developed CHC2L1​
World History to the End of the 15th Century - University/College/Enriched​ CHW3ME​
World History to the End of the 15th Century - University/College​ CHW3M1​
World History since the 15th Century - University​ CHY4U1​
World History since the 15th Century - College​ CHY4C1​
Understanding Canadian Law - University/College CLU3M1​
Canadian & International Law - University​ CLN4U1​
Legal Studies - College​ CLN4C1​

​Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology - University  HSP3U1​
Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology - College  ​​ HSP3C1​
Working with Infants and Young Children - College​ HPW3C1​
Families in Canada - University​ HHS4U1​
Families in Canada - College​ HH​S4C1​