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Dress Code in TCDSB Schools

All Elementary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt an Appropriate Dress Code or Uniform Dress Code.

All Secondary schools within the jurisdiction of the Board shall adopt a Uniform Dress Code.
Parents are encouraged to review the local dress code at their child’s school and to direct their questions to the principal of the school.



Dress Code at St. Basil-the-Great College School

Wearing the St. Basil uniform is an expectation for all St. Basil students.  Ministry Of Education regulations and TCDSB policies, require each school community to develop a Uniform Policy which the Principal, Vice Principal and staff are expected by Board of Trustees to enforce strictly.


Students are expected to wear the SBC uniform properly, exhibiting pride, neatness and good grooming.  Adherence to the uniform guidelines will be determined by the Administration, and school staff.

Compulsory School Uniform
St. Basil uniforms must be purchased from Halpern’s Ltd. at 80 Brass Pro Mills Dr. Units 25-26, Vaughan, Ontario.  Halpern’s may also be contacted at 416-593-6900.
1.      Kilt: [SBC Tartan] must be worn no shorter than 10 cm [4”] from the top of the kneecap.
1.     Pants: Grey, SBC crested from Halpern’s only      
         – not to be altered in any way
2      Top: SBC crested polo shirt
2.      2.       Shirt: SBC crested polo shirt
3.      Leg wear: Navy blue tights
3.      Socks: solid navy blue, white or black
4.      Footwear: Solid black DRESS shoes
4.       Footwear: Solid black DRESS shoes
5.      In cooler weather, if students choose to wear a sweater over their polo shirt, it must be the SBC crested zip top
6.      Grey slacks to replace the kilt: SBC Crested from Halpern’s only – not altered in any way
5.      In cooler weather, if students choose to wear a sweater over top of their polo shirt, it must be the SBC crested zip top
Please note:
·         Uniforms associated with athletics or other co-curricular clubs are not part of the school uniform and cannot be worn during the school day.
·         Absolutely NO modifications to the uniform are permitted.  NO over-size golf shirts will be permitted.
·         Students must wear their uniforms to and from school and are expected to remain in uniform all day. Arriving out of uniform and changing into the school uniform at school is not permitted.
·         Headwear of any kind is not permitted in the school.   
·         Visible body piercing is not permitted.
·         NO adornments/additions to the uniform are permitted.
·         In extenuating circumstances, when a student is unable to be in uniform he/she must proceed to the attendance office before the start of the school day to obtain a uniform pass. In these situations students are still expected to be appropriately dressed – no jeans, track pants, t-shirts etcetera.
Consequences for Non-compliance with the SBC Uniform Policy
Students who repeatedly require uniform passes may be sent home or suspended as uniform passes are recorded and tracked. 
Dress-Down Days


On these days, in addition to complying with the guidelines above, students are expected to dress appropriately and in good taste.