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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Congratulations Mr. Tim Stewart!

On the launch of his book

“Toronto’s Fighting 75th In The Great War 1915-1919”

For nearly 100 years the story of the 75th Canadian Infantry Battalion -- today perpetuated by The Toronto Scottish Regiment of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve -- that served King and Country in the Great War had not been told.  Mr. Tim Stewart, Department Head of Social Sciences at St. Basil-The-Great College School, volunteered to write it for the regiment, but given his full time teaching job and family commitments, his research and writing was confined to some weekends and summer holidays. Several weeks over many summers were spent in the National Archives in Ottawa doing research and once that was complete the writing began. It has taken him well over a decade to get a finished product, but he is pleased with the outcome and we, at St. Basil's, are proud of his accomplishment. The book Toronto's Fighting 75th in the Great War, 1915-1919 is far more than just the story of one regiment that served. Weaving its way through the text is the bigger picture – the grand strategies of the ministers and generals, the ebb and flow of the Allies’ and the enemies’ fortunes and the tactics they employed, the emergence of a distinctive Canadian force, the dispute over which rifle to use and the mystery of that undestroyed enemy trench at Vimy that has baffled Canadian military historians for years. 

Toronto's Fighting 75th.jpg

And underlying and embracing everything is the tug of home for soldiers; Toronto and the families that raised and nurtured them, whether poor, perhaps unlettered, or comfortable, perhaps university educated. From a distance the held dear their sons, or brothers, or husbands and followed eagerly their individual, extraordinary struggles, to whatever the final outcome.
Saturday, September 30, 2017 was the official book launch at the Royal Canadian Military Institute where Mr. Stewart was celebrated for his work in a ceremony steeped in regality.  For Mr. Stewart, "it was a humbling experience for me, yet quite an honour, to tell this story."  In the words of Principal Ugo Rossi, "the TCDSB is indeed a bastion for very talented and outstanding educators and staff."

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