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School History And Tradition

SChool exterior


St. Bede Catholic School was opened in September, 1989 in the relocatable building at 36 Sewells Road. During this time, physical classes were conducted in the Malvern Community Centre and the public library was a popular place. As the enrollment grew, physical space became a problem.


Plans to construct the permanent building began in 1989 but government funding was delayed for a couple of years. The sod turning ceremony was held in November 1991 and staff and students moved into the new building at the end of January, 1993. 


Everyone involved with the establishment of the St. Bede School community should feel justly proud of the wonderful spirit and tradition which they have developed.  


saintbede.jpgSt. Bede lived in the late 7th to early 8th century in Northumbria on the northeast coast of England. He was a priest, scholar monk and a teacher, who loved music, but was mostly famous for his writing. He stood for love of God and scholarship. St. Bede's Feast is May 25th. 


Our community has a rich diversity of individuals drawn from all over the world. This cultural mix is important to us, for each individual contributes his or her life experiences within the unifying bond of our common Catholic faith.