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School History And Tradition
St. Benedict Catholic School opened on September 6, 1957 with a staff of nine teachers and an enrollment of 333 students from kindergarten to grade 8. Enrollment increased every year and in November 1963, construction of the new building was completed with 25 classrooms and a school enrollment of 913 students.
In September of 1964, enrollment increased to a high of 1012 students. Again, in September, 1966, construction of an addition to the top of the new building began and in January of 1967 the school had a new library, 29 classrooms and one portable. Renovations to the library, the staff room and the gymnasium plus the addition to house the design & technology rooms were started in November 1973.
St. Benedict School is named after St. Benedict of Nursia whose feast day is on July 11th. St. Benedict is the Patriarch of western monasticism and a model teacher in the school of divine servitude. St. Benedict's message is a call to inner knowledge which leads to a deeper relationship with God.
St. Benedict's motto was “pray and work”. This motto forms the framework of St. Benedict School's rich tradition.
Since 1957, many dedicated teachers, priests and parents have worked hard to teach our students to become strong Catholics and responsible members of our society.