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Principal's Message


Dear Members of the St. Bernard Catholic School Community;

It is with great pleasure that I serve in the role of Principal of St. Bernard Catholic School. What has struck me the most about our beautiful school is how welcoming all students and community members have been since my first day here.  St. Bernard's is not characterized by the structure that holds us; it is characterized by the spirit of those within our school.  Along with a strong commitment to safety, academics and the well-being of all community members. St. Bernard Catholic School community is also committed to the overall spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, psychological and physical development of every student in its charge.  More specifically, we are committed to providing a full education for our students in a caring, God-centred atmosphere where each person is seen as a well loved and valued individual. In short, St. Bernard Catholic School is a school with great heart and a plan for a solid education and bright futures for each and every child!   I look forward to many years of building a peaceful environment of lifelong learners rooted in the Love of Christ, in community with all.


As a community of faith, we the teachers, support staff, students, parents, and parish encourage, foster, and promote the development of the whole person as a caring responsible individual within a Catholic family based on the Gospel values of Jesus Christ.  Any visitor will notice that ours is a very vibrant and involved community with many opportunities and events that promote the development of the whole student while building school spirit.
As educators and with the support of our community, we know that a creative, productive and enjoyable learning environment is in the best interests of our students.  Developing good interpersonal relationships and a positive atmosphere is the most effective method of promoting such an environment.  In order to ensure a learning environment for all, we need to set a common base of academic and behaviour expectations.


Student learning and well being is at the core of St. Bernard Catholic School.  School staff in partnership students and parents strive to exceed individual expectations by setting high standards as we promote Twentieth Century Learning Skills:  Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking.  With mutual support and teacher-student-parent partnerships, we learn about each child's strengths and next steps--not only during reporting periods, but as an ongoing process, in order to support individual student learning.  Integral to high student achievement is the consistent demonstration of growth in the learning skills such as responsibility, organization, independent work habits, collaboration with others and self-regulation.  The development and mastery of these skills are key elements of student success.  In a teacher-student-parent partnership, discussions regarding the evidence of learning and consistent support and follow-through in next steps towards improvement, both at school and at home, are fundamental in supporting each child's learning and development. 


Our code of behaviour is intended to enhance our students’ self-development as well as providing a safe learning environment.  Its purpose is to protect the rights of each person in the school and to create an environment in which learning can occur.  The code provides the framework within which each student may formulate value patterns and standards of conduct which are Catholic in inspiration and which are witnessed in the life of the total school community, staff, students and support personnel.  Each student from time to time needs reminders and strengthening of Catholic values and morals.  The goal of our Progressive Discipline approach is to move each individual closer to self-discipline for the safety and well-being of all with the support of all stakeholders.Our school desires to promote the building of self-confidence, self-respect, respect for others, self-discipline and positive attitudes towards self, peers, and adults.  In collaboration, we all strive for the best possible conditions for learning and growth in a shared responsibility for the development of each student.  Each student possesses their own roles and responsibilities as well, as they grow in the Light of Christ. 


To each and every student and to all St. Bernard community members, may we be one in spirit, strength and collaboration as we support each and every child, each one a gift from God, in a community of lifelong learners nurtured by and rooted in Gospel values.  I wish everyone a wonderful journey filled with great blessings as we learn and grow together.


Thank you for your continued support of Catholic Education.

Yours In Partnership,

Maria R. Aloisi
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St. Bernard Catholic Elementary School,
Toronto Catholic District School Board
12 Duckworth Street, Toronto, ON, M6M 4W4 
Phone:  416-393-5261
Fax:  416-393-5116
“The true measure of loving God is to love Him without measure.” --St. Bernard of Clairvaux
“Knowledge is only one half.  Faith is the other.”   --Novalis