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We have many things happening at St. Bernard on a regular basis.  From field trips, to presentations, our school is a wonderfully busy place.  Below are some of the amazing events that make our school so great.  Visit us on twitter for more pictures of all the awesome things that happen at our school @StBernardsTCDSB.


Meet the Teacher BBQ

On October 8th, the CSPC hosted a Meet the Teacher BBQ night.  Great food and fun were had by all.


Meet the teacher BBQ 2a.jpgMeet the teacher BBQ 1a.jpg

 Bike Rodeo


On October 9th, Toronto Police Service officers from 12 Division  held a Bike Rodeo in our yard.

bike rodeo 2.jpgbike rodeo 3a.jpg



Halloween was a spooky success.  The haunted house was spook-tacular. The whole school enjoyed dancing. Even the staff got in on the fun! 


haunted house 2a.jpghalloween 2a.jpg

halloween 1.jpg



Rocks and Rings with Canada Curling

 On November 4th, Canada Curling came in to teach our students curling through the Rocks and Rings program.  The school received a curling set to continue with all the fun.

rocks and rings 1.jpg



Safety Presentations with Officer Dave

In December, Officer Dave from 12 Division came to visit all of our classes for various safety presentations.

officer dave 1.jpg



Turn it Off

 On December 1st, Chaminade students came to present the 'Turn it Off' Challenge.  Students were challenged to turn off all of their electronics for one day.  The school challenged students to come up with a list of activities to do without their electronics.  Congratulations to Alex in Grade 7 for winning Leaf Tickets for his list of 235 items.


turn it off 1.jpg

Christmas Food Drive


Over the month of December, students collected 1475 pieces of non-perishable food items that were brought to St. Bernard Parish for distribution to needy families in our community.


1475 pieces.png




MADD Canada visits

On December 9th, MADD Canada came to visit our intermediate students.

dec 9.png


Santa Visit

Also on December 9th, Santa had a French Toast breakfast with our kindergarten and primary students.  


sanata visit 2.png  santa visit 1.png

Hour of Code

 On December 10th, our grade 6 class participated in the Hour of Code.

hour of code dec 10 2.pnghour of code dec 10.png

hour of code dec 10 3.png


Community Advent Mass

On December 16th, we celebrated our Community Advent Mass at St. Bernard Catholic Church.


 Advent mass 2.png
Advent mass 1.png





 On January 12th-13th, the Ontario Basketball Association ran the MegaHoops program with our classes.


megahoops 5.png


megahoops 2.pngmegahoops 4.png

Primary Games Club


On January 19th, the first meeting of the games club took place in the library.  Good times were had by all.  GAME ON!


math games club 1.pngmath games club 2.png

math games club 3.png


Caring Kids Concerts


On February 1st, 2016, Erol Lee came to talk all of our students about respecting themselves and the environment.  As well, he spoke of the importance of using your talents for positive things and the courage to do what is right.  Thanks to the St. Bernard CSPC for facilitating this great experience for our students.




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 erol lee 2.pngerol lee 1.png



Shrove Tuesday

On February 9th, our CSPC arranged a pancake day for the entire school.  Over 1400 pancakes were made for our students.  Thanks to the volunteers that helped make it happen.



pancakes.pngcooking pancakes.png 


Freeze DNA

On February 10th, Freeze DNA came to talk to students from Grade 2 to 6 about comic artists.  Students even had a chance to learn how to draw their own characters.

Freeze DNA 1.jpg
Skills Ontario

On February 10th, Skills Ontario also came to talk to our intermediate students about opportunities in the skilled trades.


 image 6.jpg
 NBA be Fit

On February 11, our Intermediate Girls and Boys Basketball teams participated in the NBA be Fit program as part of the NBA All-Star game festivities in Toronto.  The event was hosted by Archbishop Romero Catholic High School.  Our basketball players had the opportunity to run drills with Detlef Schremf, retired from the Portland Trailblazers and a member of several other NBA teams as well.  Our BEARS had a great  day!

high five.pnghigh five.png

taking a shot.pngtaking a shot 2.png


group (2).jpg

On February 25th, Reptilia Canada came to visit out Kindergarten students.  

reptilia 1.jpgreptilia 2.jpg

reptilia 3.jpg

Michael Wade- children's author 

February 25th proved to be a busy day as Michael Wade came to visit our Junior students to talk about book writing and reading.



Michael wade 6.pngMichael Wade 4.jpg

 African Canadian Heritage Month Celebration

On February 29th, we capped off African Canadian Heritage Month with a celebration.  Students worked hard to demonstrate all of the wonderful influences African Canadian Heritage has had on Canadian culture.  Thanks to all of the students who performed in our celebration, and a special thanks to the teacher who put it all together and made it happen.


swing dancing 1 (2).JPGTableau 1 (2).jpg
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Dance family Showcase

 On the evening of March 30th, 2016, our grade 5 students put on a Dance showcase for their families.  This showcase was a culmination of 10 weeks of dance classes here at the school through the 'Dancing Classrooms' organization and led by Ms. Julia.

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Glee Club

On March 31st, 2016, TD bank sponsored our Glee club to visit one of their branches and sing for their clients. 




Unity Day

On April 7th, 2016, Unity Charity came to talk to our intermediate students about being leaders in their communities.  The did presentations as well as held classes for the day.


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Primary Math night

On the evening of Wednesday, April 13th, 2016, Mr. LEGO came to our school for a Primary Math night.  Students explored the origins of our number system and its roots in Egyptian culture.  The intermediate band also performed.

math night 2.jpgmath night 4.jpg
math night 5.jpg

Zach Hyman visits the grade 1's 

On Thursday, April 14th, Zach Hyman of the Toronto Marlies, the Toronto Maple Leafs and best selling author, came to read to our grade 1 students who were participating in the "Reading Hero Challenge" through First Book Canada.  He also took questions about his book and his hockey career from our inquisitive grade 1's.


image7.jpgzach hyman books.jpg
Welcome to Kindergarten

On Wednesday, April 20th, we had our welcome to kindergarten. Our incoming Kindergarten students had a chance to meet with the ELP team and to have a chance to go into the classrooms for some activities

.kindergarten 6.jpgkindergarten 1.jpg
kindergarten 8.jpg
Math Night (Junior and Primary)

Thursday April 21st was a big math evening.  We held the Primary JUMP Math workshop in the library and the Junior Lego Night in the gym.  In the end, it all added up!

Primary JUMP Math

Primary Jump math night 8.jpgPrimary Jump math night 5.jpg

Primary Jump math night 1.jpg


Junior LEGO Math

Jr LEGO Night 10.jpgJr LEGO Night 2.jpg
Jr LEGO Night 14.jpg



Jump Rope For Heart & Community Cleanup


Friday, April 23rd was yet another busy day at St. Bernard.  In the morning we held our annual Jump Rope for Heart to benefit the Heart and Stroke Foundation.  In the afternoon, many classes participated in a community cleanup. 

 Jump Rope for Heart

Jump rope for heart 4.jpgJump rope for heart 2.jpg



Community Cleanup


Community cleanup 3.jpgCommunity cleanup 1.jpg

Shelving units from Blessed Archbishop Romero Catholic High School 


On Wednesday, April 27th, the students of Blessed Archbishop Romero Catholic High school delivered new shelving units to two of our Kindergarten classes.  Along with Mr. DeSantis from Archbishop Romero, the students designed and built two custom shelves for our classes to use all to store all sorts of toys.  It was truly a community partnership that we hope to continue in years to come.



Shelf 1.jpgShelf 2.jpg


TCDSB Woodbine Arts Festival

On Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016, our intermediate band, led by Mr. Mertinz, performed at the TCDSB Woodbine Art Festival.


 woodbine 3.jpgwoodbine 4.jpg


 woodbine 5.jpg

Dinner Theatre Night

On the evening of Wednesday, May 4th, 2016, the Almost Famous Duffle Bag Theatre company performed for our students at our Annual Dinner Theatre Night.



muskateers 2.jpgmuskateers 3.jpg

Njacko Backo 

On Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 the French Department arranged for Njacko Backo to come to talk to our students about African music and story telling. 


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Heart And Stroke Jump Rope for Heart Assembly

On  Tuesday, May 31st, we held our Heart and Stroke Jump Rope for Heart Assembly.  Our goal was to raise $3000 and our incentive was pies in the face for several staff members.  We are very proud to say that our students raised $4070 and several staff members got pie-d.  Thanks to Ms. Aloisi, Ms. Aires, Ms. Cooper, Mr. Anglin and Mr. Moriana for being such good sports and making reaching our goal so SWEET!


aloisi pie.pngaloisis pie 2 (2).png

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2016 Annual St. Bernard School BBQ

On Wednesday, June 22, 2016, the CSPC hosted the annual St. Bernard School BBQ.  Hotdogs and ice cream sandwiches were served.  Our volunteers served 680 students in just over an hour.  We even had live entertainment from our Glee Club and our Little Jammers.  It was an amazing afternoon.





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 Play Day & Corn Roast

 June 28th was a busy day at St. Bernard.  Our Kindergarten to grade 3 students participated in Play Day with our intermediate students helping.  As well, Mr. Corn came to help us with out Corn Roast.  


 Play Day

play day 1.jpgplay day 3.jpg

play day 4.jpg

Corn Roast
corn roast 2.jpgcorn roast 3.jpg

corn roast 4.jpgcorn roast 1.jpg

Last day of school 

 June 29th was our last day of school.  The staff and students of St. Bernard celebrated Canada Day with a Red and White Day.  We gathered at the front of the school to sing our final O Canada of the 2015/2016 school year.  We also sang Happy Birthday for our nation, Canada, to celebrate 149 years of the best country on earth!

canada day 1a.jpgcanada day 2a.jpg