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Principal's Message

St. Bonaventure is a community of faith and learning, we pride ourselves on nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social growth ​of each member. Our faith is interwoven into all aspects of the day, through celebration of the virtues of the month, prayer tables, monthly Masses and visits from the Apostolate of the Rosary. There is a strong parish presence at the school with weekly Friar visits and youth programs. The school is committed to ensure each child feels that they are an important and valued member of the school community. The numerous social justice activities provide opportunities for students to reach out to others and become familiar with the larger world. In addition, the Catholic Graduate Expectations are embedded into the curriculum and school philosophy.
St. Bonaventure offers regular classes from JK-8 and also the opportunity to take Extended French from grades 5 to 8 for half of the day. Art, Physical education, Drama, Music, Social Studies and French Language are taught on the Extended French  half of the day. Math, English, Science, Religion and Music are taught on the English half of the day.
Through a collaborative environment teachers meet on a regular basis to identify needs and strengths of each student in order to better frame the learning environment to meet individual needs. This year, 91% of students in grade 3 and 80% of students in grade 6 achieved the provincial standard in mathematics. The school will continue to focus on strategies that will lead to improvements in math results at all grade levels, through detailed analysis focused on student success.
Technology is incorporated into the classroom to provide interactive and exciting lessons that bridge home and school and allow flexibility in delivery and assignments. Teachers work on an ongoing basis to expand the use of SMARTboards and applicable lessons. The student club "Tech Angels" meet on a regular basis to explore technology use in the school and share this knowledge with the school community.
 The parent community provides ongoing support through theme based activity days for the children, funding for Scientist in School program, classroom fund, workshop for parents, support for resources for classroom use through the enhancement fee. 

Mrs. C. D'souza                 Mrs. J. Jamnik
Principal                              Vice Principal