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School Handbook

Bus Information

The Toronto Catholic District School Board's Student Transportation Department is please to announce a new web resource for staff, students and their families.  The new website:  includes Board policies, as well as information about safety, service providers and routes and maps.

The new website is accessible from the Board's website at:  It is listed under "New" on that page for the time being.  It is also accessible from the parent section, the student section and the school section of the Board's website.

McCluskey Transportation   416-246-1422
Laidlaw Transportation (Markham)   905-294-5104
Laidlaw Transportation (Thornhill)     905-764-6662

Safe School Plan
This plan has been developed to identify effective practices that provide a safe and inclusive environment at our school as well as areas for improvement. This plan describes our on-going effort to address issues of bullying/harassment behaviour at our school. It is a living document which can be adjusted to best suit the needs of our school community.
This plan is based on the template provided on the TCDSB website.
The staff and school community have been updated on Bill 212 and TCDSB Safe Schools issues and initiatives reviewed. Current successful practices and those requiring further support have been identified. The Safe School Committee has reviewed the progressive discipline philosophy and taking into consideration the locations of discipline occurrences, devised the Our Respectful Playground set of rules and a progressive discipline plan within the restorative justice tradition. A summary of the most prevalent discipline issues has been made and a repertoire of interventions discussed. All stakeholders have reviewed the draft and the finalized progressive discipline plan which was implemented February 1, 2008.  Our Code of Conduct is spelled out in the student agendas.
The St. Bonaventure school community is formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions; it is our mission to integrate these beliefs into the total learning experience and daily school life of our students. There is a prayer table located at the main entrance of the school. Each classroom also has a scripture/ prayer table and crucifix. Our students and staff demonstrate their commitment to our Catholic faith by praying together at the beginning of each day. Students representing their classrooms take turns leading the Morning Prayer.
Our school community gathers together each month for mass at our adjoining parish. Each classroom has an opportunity to plan and lead a mass according to that month’s theme. Each month a specific virtue (ex. honesty, patience, respect etc.) is celebrated at our school. 
As a community of faith and learning, we pride ourselves on nurturing the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social growth of each community member through Discipleship in Action. Our tradition is one of helping others, raising awareness of social justice issues and acting upon them as well as providing many leadership opportunities for our students through Me to We, peer tutoring, Catholic student leadership, Camp Olympia, and a Healthy Action Team.
At 8:00 a.m. staff supervision of the school yard begins. Students are required to wait until 8:30 a.m. (morning bell), to enter the school through the entrance doors with their classes.  After school, staff is on supervision duty until 3:15 p.m. A bus code of behaviour has been established which outlines the appropriate behaviours students must display for the safety of themselves and others while maintaining a positive climate. This code of behaviour is also included as part of the student agenda and is reviewed with students at the beginning of the year. Students are aware that inappropriate behaviour on the bus will not be tolerated and may result in privileges being revoked. Our safe arrival program requires parents to contact the school before 8:30 a.m. to notify the school secretary of the reason for their child’s absence.  A voice mail system is available to receive calls.
If a parent has not called or left a message to report their child’s absence, the school secretary will call the parent(s) at home or work. If a student is late for school he/ she is required to sign in with the school secretary and receive a late slip to give to their teacher.
Staff follow a supervision schedule that is in place to monitor the schoolyard during recess and lunch. A buddy system is in place for younger students to travel in pairs when going to the washroom or anywhere else in the school. All visitors to the school must identify themselves to the school secretary. Upon entry they are required to sign in the visitor’s book and wear a visitor’s identification tag for the duration of their visit. A lunchtime supervisor is available daily during indoor lunch and outdoor lunch recess.
Students are empowered to be part of creating their classroom rules which encourage a climate of acceptance, tolerance and inclusion in their classroom.  Teachers are encouraged to be consistent with the application of rules and consequences that promote fairness and pro-social behaviour and have generated a community agreement which is consistent across the classes. Students are encouraged to reflect on their actions through the use of think papers, written contracts, detentions, rewards and recognition for their progress.
Bullying awareness and empathy sensitivity training has been provided to staff and students. Skills training, stress management, problem solving, anger management, decision making, conflict resolution and friendship skills are provide by the school social worker. There is follow-up to bullying incidents and referrals made to guidance, psychology and social work personnel when required. Our focus for restitution is restorative justice. The student community will be provided with an information session regarding internet safety given by Crime Stoppers and the parent community will receive an internet safety session provided presenters. 
As a school community we recognize our student’s achievements beyond academic and athletic success in the following ways:
After our monthly Mass students from each ​class are recognized for academic excellence and a positive behaviour.  Individual classroom teachers also provide recognition for their students on a regular basis.  The Logan Kindness award is presented to a student who has consistently demonstrated selfless random acts of kindness throughout the year which in turn has had a positive impact on the life or lives of other students/teachers/staff. This award is open to Primary, Junior and Intermediate students.  This individual considers the feelings of others, is compassionate and involved in the school life.​
Our school yard is closely monitored by staff on duty. There are areas to play basketball, hopscotch, soccer etc. Students are encouraged to stay active and have fun while playing safe.  Our school also follows an inclement weather plan in case of rain, extreme cold or hot weather as indicated by TCDSB; students remain indoors in their classrooms and are supervised by staff.  During lunch, supervision is provided for younger students in individual classrooms by  students assigned as lunch monitors.
Our school strives to provide a positive and invitational climate. Visitors are welcome and required to adhere to our visitors’ policy. Staff assist in making the school welcoming by creating a variety of displays that feature an array of student expression throughout the school.

In order to keep our parent community up to date with current events we have a monthly school newsletter. Parents play an active role in the school community through planned spirit events, fundraisers and special days celebrations. Our CSPC Committee is a vital and valuable aspect of school operations. The Committee meets 6 times in the year.
Look at your hands.
Did you use them to hurt or to heal?
To push someone down or to lift someone up?
To make a fist or to hold a hand?
To write words of hate or to spread words of love.
To make an obscene gesture or a gesture of peace?
Do you use your hands to spread contempt or compassion?
To build or to destroy?
Do you use your hands to bruise or to soothe?
Bruises and wounds will heal but words can stay forever.
Every hand leaves an imprint in the lives of others.
What type of imprint did you make today?
Ms. Goldring’s
Grade 7
Morning Class

At St. Bonaventure we:
Keep our hands to ourselves
Don't use foul language
Play "safe" not play "fight"
Co-operate and take turns
Play football and soccer only in the field
Don't litter the playground
Include our fellow students in games
Stay on school property
Line up promptly when the bell rings
Ask a teacher to retrieve a parking lot ball
Everyone feels safe, everyone is included,
everyone is respected.