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School History And Tradition

St. Bonaventure Catholic School is named after one of the first great scholastic thinkers of Christianity. Bonaventure was born in Italy and lived from 1217 to 1274. He entered the Franciscan order as a simple Friar around 1234 and began his studies at the University of Paris. Over the years, Bonaventure became an outstanding lecturer, philosopher, theologian and doctor of the church. In 1273, Pope Gregory named Bonaventure as a Cardinal. Bonaventure died suddenly in 1274 while preparing material for the second council of Lyons. His feast is celebrated on July 14.

St. Bonaventure Catholic School opened on January 3rd, 1957 as an eight-classroom school. The first class graduated from grade 8 in 1957. As the community developed and the school population increased, the need for more space became apparent and in 1962, an additional seven classrooms and a library were built. A second addition, containing a gymnasium, change rooms and a stage, was built in 1969.  During the 2006-2007 school year we celebrated our 50th Anniversary.  Along with many exciting events we planned several “legacy” projects.  A stunning commemorative quilt which hangs in our main office; a CD release featuring our Liturgical Choir.

The school has, over the years, established strong ties with the church of the same name and with the community at large. Students presently enrolled in our school, have parents who are former school graduates. There are families who have grandchildren attending St. Bonaventure Catholic School. We are happy to be a part of the tradition and family ties that are important aspects of life to our school community. Our school prides itself in helping others and raising awareness of social justice issues and acting on them. We achieve this through many action and social justice projects,and by providing many leadership opportunities for our students through our curriculum delivery. We strive to be disciples who change our world today!