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French Department

Bienvenue aux classes de français à St-Bonaventure!!!

At St. Bonaventure, students start to learn French in Grade 1. This is part of the Core French curriculum. In Grade 5, students have the option of enriching their French experience with the Extended French Programme. Registration for September 2012 is already under way for Extended French. Students spend half of their school day learning French, Social Studies (History and Geography), Visual Arts, Drama, Physical Education and Health. The other half of their day is with their English teacher who teaches Language, Mathematics, Science and Religion in English. Students are committed to the programme until Grade 8. When they graduate, they receive and Extended French Certificate.

The students who do not opt for the Extended French Programme still receive French instruction at 30 minutes per day.

The teaching staff in the French Department is currently Mme Kissieh, Mme Vachon, M. Ward, Mme Côté-Campbell and Mme Nash.

Our French classes have had an exciting year. Every year the French classes host the much anticipated "Café Glacé". at the Parish Hall. This year it was a lip-syncing contest complete with an authentic French Canadian dinner. Students performed to the delight of the parents, while the Grade 8 Extended French students prepared the meals and waited on tables. The school was able to raise some funds from the event and the silent auction. Proceeds went toward the Grade 7 and 8 trip to the Quebec City Carnaval.

Photo of a snowman with upraised arm and a Santa hat waving at the camera with a background behind him scultped from ice 

Carnaval this year was phenomenal!! The Grade 7 and 8 students went to Quebec City for 4 days. They enjoyed the Carnaval events, dog-sledding, la cabane à sucre, tubing at Val Cartier, the Ste-Anne-de-Beaupré and a dance at the Ice Hotel. It was a trip no one will ever forget!