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CSPC - Catholic School Parent Council 
2020- 2021

On Tuesday October 13, 2020 St. Bonaventure Catholic School Parent Council held its first CSPC meeting of the year. CSPC elections were held and the results are as follows.

The CSAC Executive consists of
Chair – Christina Peck
Co-Chair – Melanie Neil

Secretary – Emily Milic
Treasurer – M. Lopresti

O.A.P.C.E. Representative- Fadzie McConnell

Member interested in Special Education-Wendy Layton



Our Catholic School Parent Council is an integral part of our school community. All parents and staff are most welcome to attend any and all of the meetings.  CSPC meeting dates are    
CSPC Meeting – November 16, 2020
CSPC Meeting – January 25, 2021
CSPC Meeting – February 22, 2021
CSPC Meeting – April 19, 2021
CSPC Meeting – June 7, 2021

Until further notice all  meetings will be held virtually  from 7:00pm - 8:00pm . Please watch for an email message from the school for a link to register.  We hope that parents will contribute their expertise and viewpoints to CSPC meetings. All are welcome to attend.