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Toronto Catholic District School Board

​Other Programs

Eco Team

The EcoTeam will be heading a Waste Free Lunch Challenge. Students are asked to bring in a lunch without
any waste. This means that nothing in your child's lunch should contain anything that needs to be thrown away. Some helpful suggestions would be to use reusable containers, reusable water bottles and to always buy in bulk rather than small packaged items. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a cheap and easy way to accomplish this.

Please visit the
following website for more information:
Help St. Boniface save our environment!


Health Action Team (H.A.T.)

The Health Action Team has started a new healthy living initiative that takes place every Friday outside during recess.  Students have enjoyed skipping along to music to promote fitness and healthy hearts! Thank you to all the H.A.T team members who took it upon themselves to start this great new activity here at St Boniface.