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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School News

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Parent Involvement 
ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS are invited to attend our CSPC (Catholic School Parent Council)

"The Toronto Catholic District School Board is committed to education as a shared responsibility among Parents, Students, Church, Staff, the Board, and community partners."


Next CSPC Meeting: Tuesday Sept. 22, 2015 in the school gym at 6:30pm

This meeting will be the AGM and also the Elections to Parent Council meeting - all are welcome to participate.


 Success In School Begins with Regular Attendance

One of the goals in schools is to work in partnership with parents to prepare their child(ren) to become good citizens. In order to make this successful, children need to learn responsibility and adapt to regular routines. When these routines are not consistently followed, it makes it more difficult for children to settle in to the school. Students are asked to arrive at school on time, at least five minutes before the bell rings in the morning. We track the number of lates and absences and are able to print out attendance profiles of all students. One of our goals is to work with parents to ensure their child(ren) arrive at school on time. We will be closely monitoring student attendance this year. If your child is late or absent 10 days or more (not including illness or absence due to a family emergency), a letter will be sent home with your child’s attendance profile. If the tardiness or absences continue, we will ask our school social worker to become involved.

When a student misses school it impacts on their learning creating potential gaps in their learning. Also when a student arrives late to school, it disrupts the program that is already in progress. We encourage you not to take your child(ren) out during the school year for extended trips, unless it is an emergency. We thank you for your cooperation with respect to regular attendance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 


Parking/ Drop off and Pick up
Your cooperation is vital in ensuring the safety of our children. Please follow these routines...

  • DO park your car at the St Boniface church parking lot and walk your children across the street.
  • DO NOT stop or park on the road, it is a no parking zone.
  • DO NOT stop or park in the bus loading zone.
  • Drive around the block to exit, DO NOT make a three point turn.
  • DO NOT let your children out of the automobile on the road side, other vehicles cannot see you.
  • The school parking lot will be closed during dismissal hours to help with student safety.

    If you have any concerns please speak to the school administrator.