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For Parents

Leading Learning Links
Our St. Brendan school day consists of nine 30 minute periods from 8:30-3:00pm with two fifteen minute breaks (one am/one pm) and a 40 minute lunch recess. Keeping in mind a students age plays a role in their ability to attend to tasks, your student and your family can benefit from maintaining some routines during school closure. 
To support learning outside school we are sharing activities.  You may also find additional materials through the student access at St. Brendan for Google classroom or logins provided annually by staff.
Leading Learning Link suggestions:
Family activities at Home 
Bake your math lesson
Build a recycled item
Draw or paint a picture
Play board games
Take a walk around the house
Play in the backyard
Read a book
Write a story
Try mindfulness and  “go noodle” yoga online
Check out these online learning links below:


Scholastic Daily Lessons by Grade




Khan Academy-all grades all subjects
Handwashing video storybots: How do people catch a cold
Letterbots series on you tube
Storybots series all subjects
Grades 1-8
Reading French & English
Fun Khan Academy storytelling
Look Kool
Educational games
STEM---Little Inventors Challenges k-12
Art Catholic Register Drawing Contest