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St. Brendan Grade 7 Students virtual trip to Ghana
as they celebrate African Heritage Month

Students watching screen

On February 13th Grade 7 students from Mrs. Mahon’s Grade 7 class had the opportunity to skype Victor Beausoleil. Mr. Beausoleil is a husband, father, author and social entrepreneur and current member of SETSI (Social Economy through Social Inclusion). Mr. Beausoliel is an alumni of the TCDSB having attended Cardinal Leger, St. JPII and Neil McNeil schools.

Via skype Mr. Beausoleil discussed with the students misnomers of culture and the start of Black History celebrations in 1925 that were later adopted in Canada in 1970 before expanding to a monthly celebration in 1976.  His message of “one human family with various levels of melatonin” stressed inclusion and unity. He shared his experience in Ghana the fastest growing economy in the world and his efforts to bring attention to culture. His words of wisdom encouraged students to “leverage their skills, talents and purpose” keeping at the forefront “sustainability”.  He suggested the perspective not just on consumption but production as we each have the power to make change in a ripple effect to build knowledge. St. Brendan is thankful for the time and knowledge Victor Beuasoliel shared and look forward to future opportunities with him to build global awareness.
At the age of 25 Victor Beausoleil Co-Founded Redemption Reintegration Services (RRS) one of the largest youth-led, youth justice agencies in Canada. As the founding Executive Director, Victor managed grant funds in advocacy as a leader in youth justice. In 2013 Victor Beausoleil received his first public service appointment as a member of the PCYO (Premiere’s Council on Youth Opportunities). Victor has worked and volunteered in the broader equity-seeking communities across the province and around the world. As a lecturer, Victor Beausoleil has travelled extensively for speaking engagements for community organizations and juvenile justice agencies. Victor has worked as a Provincial Youth Outreach Worker, Project Manager, Researcher and Executive Director in the social service sector. Victor has been a board member of the Atkinson Charitable Foundation, The Harriet Tubman Community Organization, as well as a member of the grant review committee’s of the Laidlaw Foundation and the Toronto Community Housing Social Investment Fund. The Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, National Post, Share Newspaper and The Caribbean Camera, have all highlighted Victor Beausoleil’s work. Victor has written twelve books and is currently the Principal at Intuit Consulting. Victor Beausoleil currently resides in Ghana with his wife and four children.

"Mr. Beausoleil taught me how important it is to build on your passion because if you work hard, you can achieve anything." -Kenyon

"Mr. Beausoleil made it clear that time is valuable and none of us should waste it; we need to create opportunities by using our time." -Jaiden

"Mr. Beausoleil taught me that I might not be able to change the world on my own but I can start by doing little things."