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Toronto Catholic District School Board

How We Meet The Diverse Needs Of Our Student
As a Catholic School, one of our foremost tasks is to provide an environment in which we model our actions, words and beliefs on the life of Jesus. Our daily religion classes help us to understand and better define His life and our religion. Masses, the sacraments, prayer and good works further enhance our spiritual needs.
Students learn at different rates and in different ways. To help students achieve the outcomes set for them certain St. Brigid School Logolessons may have to be modified or enriched to suit their special needs. Extra help from the teacher before or after school is also available. Students who experience difficulty reading may receive specialized support from our early and middle reading specialists (Fifth Block and Junior Literacy Intervention). We currently are participating in a reading research project with Sick Children's Hospital. Special needs may be identified formally, through an assessment process, so that a program can be provided by a special teacher. Students whose assessment shows them to be in the very superior intellectual range may qualify for a gifted program at another school one day a week, beginning in grade 5. Parents are informed of, and kept aware of, the program modification their children may need through oral and written communication with the teacher and principal. Parents are part of the identification process, if a student is formally identified as exceptional.
School life fills a very important social/emotional need for many children. They love to be with their friends. To ensure that their relationships at school are satisfying ones, peace education or conflict resolution programs support them. These are conducted by our Child and Youth Worker. Through these program we hope that most students enjoy a safe and positive interaction with their school friends. For serious interpersonal issues, students know they can ask for help from the supervising teacher, classroom teacher, vice-principal or principal.
Students need to be active. They have two physical education classes per week. Daily physical activity occurs in each of the classes from 1-8, when possible.
There is a strong, co-curricular sports program present in our school, thanks to the dedication and commitment of a number of our teachers. Students who are interested can try out for a variety of sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, cross-country, track and field, hockey and swimming. An exceptionally high level of skill development and coaching is provided.
The aesthetic side of our students is developed through their classroom art and drama activities and by their vocal and instrumental music teachers.